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Ride with Passion, Win with Purpose. 

   Mary Rose Anderson combines her love of horses with a talent for teaching. She believes in the empowering potential of horseback riding, and enjoys helping others reach their horsemanship goals.Her true passion has always been the American Quarter Horse. However, over the years Mary Rose has dedicated herself to working with all breeds. 

   Mary Rose offers training and lessons at Competitors Edge Ranch in Norco, California, Horsetown, USA. Her Horsemanship program specializes in Colt Starting, Extreme Cowboy Racing and Ranch Versatility, which includes: Reining, Ranch Riding, Confirmation, Ranch Cutting, Ranch Roping, and Ranch Trail. Other areas she and her students have excelled in are Halter, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Gymkhana, Ranch Sorting, Western & Cowboy Dressage, and Jr. & High School Rodeo events.



   Mary Rose Anderson has devoted herself to working with horses and riding competitively for over 25 years. She was born and raised in Orange Park Acres, an Equestrian Community located in Southern California. 
   Mary Rose's horsemanship was fostered in her youth through the 4-H Club as board member and Jr. and a Teen Leader of the Horse and Pony project. Showing at fair every year in Horse Mastership, she tested and competed in Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Equitation, and Trail. 
   She later took up Gymkhana and Cattle Sorting and earned several High Point Championships during high school. She began her career in 2005 at the Ranch Del Rio Stables, in Anaheim.