Colt Starting: $2,100 (board included, alfalfa only) 90-Day Contract

Full Training Horse: $650 ($32.50/session, board NOT included)

Horse worked 5 times per week or 20 times per month.

Additional fees for non-basic foundation training will be applied.

Full Training Horse and Rider: $780 Horse worked 3 days a week or 12 sessions per month ($40/session,

board NOT included). Rider receives 2 lesson per week or 8 lessons per month ($37.50/session).

Additional fees for non-basic foundation training will be applied.

Partial Training Horse and Rider: $570 ($47.50/session) The horse and/or the rider get a total of 12 sessions

per month. Additional fees for non-basic foundation training will be applied.

*All training sessions and lessons will be scheduled Monday-Friday between 7am and 9pm.

*All packages are signed by contract and are paid up front prior to the 5 th of the month.

*A $20 late fee will be added to every additional day late on payments.

*Special or additional supplemental feed and grain, supplied by client, will be given to your horse daily.

*Blanketing fees NOT included.

*Travel will include additional travel/gas fees depending on distance.

Training and Lesson Schedule and Cancellation Policies:

Horses in training must have a contract signed prior to receiving the horse. Contract fees shall be paid by the 1 st

of the month and no later than the 5 th , or a late charge of $20 will be billed for every day counted late. Each

horse training and event schedule must be made prior to the beginning of the month. All additional shows

outside of the set schedule will be billed separately.

Horse Show Services

Show Coaching: $50/day (per student) or $300/day split among all students (5 student min.)

Trainer and Groom Expenses:

Expenses are split evenly between each horse/rider combination. Expenses include hotel fees, travel expenses,

and a per diem of $50/day.

Tack stall and trainer’s hotel expenses are split between team competitors.

Trailering fees are to be determined prior to each event.

Show Care: $50/day (Includes all services received with standard grooming, bathing, tacking, wrapping,

lunging or hand walking (if necessary).

Schooling Ride at Show: $35 per horse

Warm-up or Class Ride: $20/class/per horse