"I began taking lessons with Mary Rose to gain a better foundation of horsemanship. Her methods have helped me tremendously in building a stronger relationship with my 2 horses; built on trust and feel. Her approach with both my horses has varied to fit their individual needs and different personalities. She takes the time to ensure that I grasp a better understanding of horses and how to apply that knowledge in my training. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their horsemanship skills, gain confidence in competition, or just wanting to be safe and accomplished."

Sara Andrews

Mary Rose Anderson

"I participated in the first Arizona Horsemanship Obstacle Clinic back in the fall of 2015 and found it to be a great learning opportunity, challenging and well-presented from start to finish. She came back the following spring and put together another well orchastrated 2 day clinic program. I look forward to scheduling Mary Rose to run her courses again next year!"

Gary Wilder, ETS Show Chairmen, AZ

I was impressed with Mary Rose’s skills and knowledge, the variety of obstacles and the “twists" she added to them.  When anyone needed help, Mary Rose was always right there to assist and encourage.  I appreciated the free time allowed at Mary Rose’s clinic to practice, plus all of the desensitizing tools available were fantastic.”

A Satisfied Horsemanship & Obstacle Clinic Participant


"Mary Rose Anderson has been my trainer since June, 2014. I purchased "Wyatt" a 2 year old green broke quarter horse and hired her to start and finish him for me. Mary Rose came highly recommended by a friend and has definitely lived up to my expectations.

Mary Rose continues her training education attending clinics and various horse expos. And I believe this is what keeps her current and enthusiastic in her approach to training.

It has been and continues to be a pleasure working and riding with Mary Rose. Her knowledge, determination and gentle approach to training works perfectly with me and my young horse. The time she invests in me and my horse is greatly appreciated and goes beyond what is expected."

Shelly Gauthreaux

"I grabbed the opportunity to sign up for a "Boot Camp" program with May Rose at her training barn in Norco. The 3 month experience transformed us much more rapidly than I expected. I could see Striker progress in body condition and his ability to retained focus. I feel I was taught enough to enjoy a drama-free trail ride on my own. Besides the marked improvements in Striker's trail manners, Mary Rose also provided me with enough knowledge and confidence and competence building work that made it possible to keep my seat and have a better feel of moving Strikers feet. I continue working with her in lessons and enjoy trying new things.  Thank you Mary Rose!"

-Joe Cavins & "Striker"