Mary Rose Anderson

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Design AND Customize your own western ACCESSORIES!! Hel- Hats sold here!

"I absolutely LOVE Knotty Horse! It saves me so much time getting ready for shows now. All I have to do is bath them in the their Brightening & Conditioning Shampoo, wait for them to dry, brush, braid, and they're ready to go. Any product that lets me cut time in the wash rack and on show day is worth it.Thank you, Knotty Horse!"

-M R Anderson

Get Healthy!                      Get Insured!

" I love how great 'Scoot' feels after Will has worked on him. He's really done a great job getting him to release stress and increase his mobility and get me ready for races."

- MR Anderson

Relieving tension and soreness in your horse, improving performance, naturally.

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Jim Masterson Method Performance Equine Bodywork

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Mary Rose Anderson and the 3x Reserve Champion Ultimate Super Horse "Scoot" are frequent shoppers at the Thrifty Horse.

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